The Interactive Team is a bespoke, events based customer acquisition company, specialising in live lead generation.

Formed in 2012, The Interactive Team set out to revolutionise the industry. Recognising the era of the hard sell was over and that the sales process that worked in the 90s wouldn’t work on modern consumers, it was out with the old and in with the new. Our CEO, Gilles Baudet, developed a new business model of outsource marketing, focusing on a softer, more consultative approach that is adaptive to today’s consumer. The Interactive Team understood that the industry needed the next big thing, so our model has evolved with the cutting edge way customers buy and expect to interact with brands, influencing our range of services from brand awareness and market research to live data delivery to our clients.

Central to this new approach is The Interactive Touch – a memorable set of marketing techniques specially developed to engage people in face-to-face interactions and leave them preimpulsed, preinformed and excited to engage with your brand. Because the data has been personally interacted with by our Team members we are able to deliver customers not only willing to answer the phone but genuinely excited to receive your call. Our techniques leave customers happy and confident, because of our consultative, informative style. It is a unique and powerful tool which allows us to boast an unparalleled conversion rate, 7 times higher than the national industry average.

Due to the success of this new buying process, and the quality of data The Interactive Team provides, we can say with great pride that our clients have grown from our success – and therefore, so have we.

The Interactive Team has grown organically and now operates nationwide, with offices in major population hubs across the UK and satellite teams ready to go to your location. With 150 people in 7 departments across 5 cities, we’ve built our business on average people with the above average desire to succeed. Discover the key drivers in The Interactive Team here.

To learn more about the governing principles of The Interactive Team visit our 4 Partners page, or visit our Services page to find out how we can reach the customers your business wants most.