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Ohh the good life….

“A healthy body is a healthy mind”

So, at the Interactive Team, we’re all about the healthy living feels. We work hard and to work hard, you must fuel your body with the best you can, and that doesn’t mean beers! (Although we do love a rewarding drink from time to time.)

Our philosophy is that we want to maintain good health because we want to feel the best we can to do the best job we can. Gilles our director is Mr Healthy to say the least! We’ve got Nutri Bullet for smoothies and juices, the fridge is packed with fruits and veggies and he’s never far away from a plate of fresh fruit. He hits the gym and can be seen after work kicking around in his gym gear, ready to pump some iron.

There is nothing that zaps your confidence more in a client facing role, maybe you’re too tired or too many takeaways is taking its toll on your suit trousers! Now, if you know us, we love pizza and we like pizza on a Tuesday in the office, just to give the team a chance to eat, chat and bond a bit. At the same time though, we love the good life, the healthy life.

We can also say we’re no strangers to a massage, we sometimes get treated to a back rub from a professional who comes in especially to loosen us up for a big event!

We’ve compiled a list on how to be healthy at work! Check it out..

  1. Be a healthy snacker! Get your 5 a day by buying fruit at the start of the week and grazing throughout. We promise you it’ll do you better than a cake or crisps. Often we think we are hungry, and reach for the fatty snacks, when in actual fact, it’s water we need!


2.Keep hydrated! Get your daily dose of H2o and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day! We’re lucky we have a nice water cooler to make it even easier! Bottoms up!

3.Eat a healthy lunch. If you eat foods with a low GI. (glycaemic index) Low GI foods keep you healthy because they slowly release energy to keep you going all day (glycaemic index) Then you’re going to be less likely to hit that horrible afternoon slump when your blood sugar level spikes then drops.

4.Keep yourself supple with a massage! Tension neck syndrome (TNS) can occur when the neck and upper shoulders are held in a fixed, awkward position for long periods of time, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.


5.Protect your peepers! Eyestrain is another problem that can be encountered in front of a computer. Go for regular eye tests to keep your eyes sparkling.

  1. Give yourself a break! A healthy tip that all of us want to hear is that holidays are an important part of staying healthy at work. Too much work = burn out as stress impairs the immune system!
  1. Your keyboard, mouse, and phone can end up with thousands of germs that could potentially make you sick.Don’t be far from anti-bacterial hand gel.
  2. Work out with your work buddies and set yourself achievable goals! Get fit together.



9.Listen to music in the morning! Music releases endorphins and gets the blood pumping, ready for a new day! Listening to your favourite music is good for the soul

10. Most importantly, communication is key. If something is troubling you, get it out in the open, you’ll feel better getting it off your chest and you’ll likely find a solution. It’s a win win situation.


Revolutionising Our Business Model

It’s been a big year for us here at The Interactive Team HQ for more reasons than one. Sure, as a simple start up in 2012, we genuinely had no idea that we’d come so far and it’s no secret as to why. There were 3 men sat in a dark, dingy, rented space in the city of Glasgow with 2 credit cards and an unbelievable drive and vision to create a company like no other. That was it. No investors, no fancy office, no blue chip client – nothing – yet here we are, a team of nearly 200 people across the nation, working with a company encompassing 6 UK offices, representing a plethora of multi-national clients. So how did we do it?

Well sure, a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears came into play (so to speak) but one of the main reasons we’ve been able to grow so fast and so successfully is because we always put our clients first. Now we know what you’re thinking, every business says that but we can assure you that not every business does. We go the extra mile, and by extra mile, we probably mean extra hundred miles to ensure that our clients needs always come before our own. We continuously retrain our team members, we develop new and exciting marketing campaigns, we recruit for new roles, just to make sure that our clients needs are more than met. This is also how we’re able to exceed expectations and generate monumental results.

So now, as you probably know, the majority of our campaigns have focused solely on customer acquisition and lead generation. The majority of our clients in the past wanted to grow their existing consumer base exponentially and naturally, we were on hand to lead that motion. However, now things are changing in terms of what our clients actually want from us, so guess what? So are we.

We are revolutionising our business to meet the changing needs of our clients. We’re keeping current in line with the times to deliver the very best results and in order to do so, now in 2016, our business model needs a little freshening up. With this in mind, we’re not just focusing on delivering data to our clients, we’re actually generating the customers for them with our new sales model.

Of course, the quality, quantitative data we delivered in the past was great for our clients as we ensured that each potential customer passed on was well informed, well briefed and well suited to specification. However, our new sales model means that we still do all the appropriate checks but we’ll also close the sale, meaning that rather than delivering quality data to our clients, we are now delivering quality customers as a positive alternative.

This means a few things. Firstly, it takes a huge weight off our clients’ shoulders. They no longer have to worry about converting customers as we’ve taken that off their hands, but secondly, it means that we’re able to fine tune our sales model to a point where the quality of the customers generated for each customer will positively correlate in relation to the quantity. In laments terms, everybody wins.

Revolutionising our business model makes for exciting times for everyone involved with the company, and it’s certainly not plain sailing to start with, but we’re making the necessary progress to ensure that our number one prioirty is met: our clients’ needs coming first.

Economically Dependent

We’re Not Dependent On The Economy… Here’s Why…

The Interactive Team was born in the recession in March 2012 and now, the team has a total turnover in excess of £8 million per annum, which began just 4 years ago with Gilles (our CEO) and his credit card. That’s some progress, wouldn’t you agree? Of course you would! I guess a lot of people, though, can’t help but wonder how this has been achieved given the up-and-down state of the British economy over the last decade.

We grabbed half an hour with the CEO, Gilles Baudet, who told us exactly why and put it this way, it all makes perfect sense: 

“Before the recession, I’ve saw great times in the business world – so much success, companies thriving, people doing well, but when the economic recession hit, I saw it all come crashing down too and what broke my heart more than anything was seeing people’s lives change completely overnight: people who shouldn’t have been affected were affected, and people – good, hard-working people – were not only losing jobs but losing their businesses through no fault of their own, and to me as an entrepreneur, this is (or would be) an incredibly scary situation to be in.

As a business owner, one thing that makes me feel very fortunate is the fact that my business in not economically dependent. My industry is not affected by the state of the economy and this gives me, and my company, and my team, a considerable advantage.

The Interactive Team, as a whole, works with small, medium and large companies as experts in customer acquisition. What we’ve learned is that no matter whether the economy is in a positive or negative state, our clients will always need a high volume of customers delivered in the most cost effective form possible.

We specifically designed our business model so that we only get paid by our clients if we deliver customers to them. This means that our unique form of customer acquisition is completely risk free as there are no upfront costs, no advertising costs, no hidden costs – no risks. When the economy is booming, it’s clear that our clients would utilise all forms of marketing in order to generate a significant return, however, if the economy is in decline or recession, clients would solely use our service because our marketing model is so risk-free that we are constantly in high demand.

As you can imagine, this gives me continued confidence to keep on growing my business and my team, as well as the ability to stay focused on achieving my goals. When I started my business back in 2012, I dreamed of having thousands of people within the team but as the company grew, I soon realised that I didn’t just have a team of people, I have a team of “lives” – of homes, of children, of families – and until the penny drops, you don’t realise just how responsible you are for so many things – it becomes very real.

One big factor that drives me forward is knowing that this business is not going to be economically dependent as others are, and more so, it depends on my attitude which luckily (and thankfully), I have full control of”