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Ohh the good life….

“A healthy body is a healthy mind”

So, at the Interactive Team, we’re all about the healthy living feels. We work hard and to work hard, you must fuel your body with the best you can, and that doesn’t mean beers! (Although we do love a rewarding drink from time to time.)

Our philosophy is that we want to maintain good health because we want to feel the best we can to do the best job we can. Gilles our director is Mr Healthy to say the least! We’ve got Nutri Bullet for smoothies and juices, the fridge is packed with fruits and veggies and he’s never far away from a plate of fresh fruit. He hits the gym and can be seen after work kicking around in his gym gear, ready to pump some iron.

There is nothing that zaps your confidence more in a client facing role, maybe you’re too tired or too many takeaways is taking its toll on your suit trousers! Now, if you know us, we love pizza and we like pizza on a Tuesday in the office, just to give the team a chance to eat, chat and bond a bit. At the same time though, we love the good life, the healthy life.

We can also say we’re no strangers to a massage, we sometimes get treated to a back rub from a professional who comes in especially to loosen us up for a big event!

We’ve compiled a list on how to be healthy at work! Check it out..

  1. Be a healthy snacker! Get your 5 a day by buying fruit at the start of the week and grazing throughout. We promise you it’ll do you better than a cake or crisps. Often we think we are hungry, and reach for the fatty snacks, when in actual fact, it’s water we need!


2.Keep hydrated! Get your daily dose of H2o and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day! We’re lucky we have a nice water cooler to make it even easier! Bottoms up!

3.Eat a healthy lunch. If you eat foods with a low GI. (glycaemic index) Low GI foods keep you healthy because they slowly release energy to keep you going all day (glycaemic index) Then you’re going to be less likely to hit that horrible afternoon slump when your blood sugar level spikes then drops.

4.Keep yourself supple with a massage! Tension neck syndrome (TNS) can occur when the neck and upper shoulders are held in a fixed, awkward position for long periods of time, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.


5.Protect your peepers! Eyestrain is another problem that can be encountered in front of a computer. Go for regular eye tests to keep your eyes sparkling.

  1. Give yourself a break! A healthy tip that all of us want to hear is that holidays are an important part of staying healthy at work. Too much work = burn out as stress impairs the immune system!
  1. Your keyboard, mouse, and phone can end up with thousands of germs that could potentially make you sick.Don’t be far from anti-bacterial hand gel.
  2. Work out with your work buddies and set yourself achievable goals! Get fit together.



9.Listen to music in the morning! Music releases endorphins and gets the blood pumping, ready for a new day! Listening to your favourite music is good for the soul

10. Most importantly, communication is key. If something is troubling you, get it out in the open, you’ll feel better getting it off your chest and you’ll likely find a solution. It’s a win win situation.


The Interactive Team Meet 2016


It’s that time again… it’s The Interactive Team Meet!

Whether it’s an ITM (our wonderful abbreviation for the big event), a “Future’s Weekend” (that’s our fun weekends away for the high fliers of the company) or the end of the year Awards Ceremony, when this entire company gets together, it’s always a day to remember and May 28th in Manchester’s Hilton hotel was of course no exception. Yes, all of our offices from Glasgow, Dundee, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham and London came together for some motivational speaking, educational clinics from the best in the business, our mini-Olympics results and of course more than a few funny stores from Gilles’ time in the industry.


Our clinics fronted by Huw, Ruadh, Karl, Conrad and of course, Gilles, were a roaring success. Not only were they the perfect opportunity for new people who’d joined the business this year to acquaint themselves with those at the very top, it was a chance to find out exactly what has made them so successful, and to learn from it! You’ll never learn more than you will from speaking to people who have ‘been there, done that’ and that’s what we love about this business. Unlike other companies, our Managers and Directors are ALWAYS accessible to our team from the backbone of the incredible support network that we have created.


The day also provided an opportunity for us to celebrate a promotion within the business. One of our original Directors, Karl Clough, fresh from opening our Birmingham office, officially promoted Tayler Matthews whom he had brought with him from Newcastle to Managing Consultant within the company. Tayler’s promotion was a feat in itself, but to achieve it within such a new environment, in a new city and a new team was an incredible effort. All credit to himself, Karl and everyone in the Birmingham office, this really was quite an inspirational moment with a speech to go with it.

Next up, we announced the results of our Mini-Olympics competition where the week’s top sales people were rewarded for their efforts. We even gave our newbies the chance to win some medals and there was no fault in their determination, who knew we had taken on such a competitive bunch! The finale was saved for our more experienced entrepreneurs who’d been fighting it out all week for a place on the leaderboard. Finishing in third place was Manchester’s Jamie Carroll, second place (again from Manchester) was Keeran Wild and in first place, with a massive 51 sales for the week, was Dan Parkinson, Yes you guessed it from Manchester!

Ross 2

What really stood out at the event however, was the unity throughout the entire room. At every spare second, team members from every office were introducing themselves, asking questions and really making the most of a wonderful networking opportunity. Every single person wanted to be involved, no one hid in the corner. It’s so refreshing for us to see every single person within a company who share that one common goal and who will strive to achieve that goal both individually and together.

Finally, Gilles rounded off the day with some stories from his time in the industry and his experiences with some particularly colourful characters. Needless to say the room was in fits of laughter and everyone left feeling both optimistic and excited for the summer ahead. Until next time Manchester, thanks for having us. We had a blast!