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Ohh the good life….

“A healthy body is a healthy mind”

So, at the Interactive Team, we’re all about the healthy living feels. We work hard and to work hard, you must fuel your body with the best you can, and that doesn’t mean beers! (Although we do love a rewarding drink from time to time.)

Our philosophy is that we want to maintain good health because we want to feel the best we can to do the best job we can. Gilles our director is Mr Healthy to say the least! We’ve got Nutri Bullet for smoothies and juices, the fridge is packed with fruits and veggies and he’s never far away from a plate of fresh fruit. He hits the gym and can be seen after work kicking around in his gym gear, ready to pump some iron.

There is nothing that zaps your confidence more in a client facing role, maybe you’re too tired or too many takeaways is taking its toll on your suit trousers! Now, if you know us, we love pizza and we like pizza on a Tuesday in the office, just to give the team a chance to eat, chat and bond a bit. At the same time though, we love the good life, the healthy life.

We can also say we’re no strangers to a massage, we sometimes get treated to a back rub from a professional who comes in especially to loosen us up for a big event!

We’ve compiled a list on how to be healthy at work! Check it out..

  1. Be a healthy snacker! Get your 5 a day by buying fruit at the start of the week and grazing throughout. We promise you it’ll do you better than a cake or crisps. Often we think we are hungry, and reach for the fatty snacks, when in actual fact, it’s water we need!


2.Keep hydrated! Get your daily dose of H2o and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day! We’re lucky we have a nice water cooler to make it even easier! Bottoms up!

3.Eat a healthy lunch. If you eat foods with a low GI. (glycaemic index) Low GI foods keep you healthy because they slowly release energy to keep you going all day (glycaemic index) Then you’re going to be less likely to hit that horrible afternoon slump when your blood sugar level spikes then drops.

4.Keep yourself supple with a massage! Tension neck syndrome (TNS) can occur when the neck and upper shoulders are held in a fixed, awkward position for long periods of time, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.


5.Protect your peepers! Eyestrain is another problem that can be encountered in front of a computer. Go for regular eye tests to keep your eyes sparkling.

  1. Give yourself a break! A healthy tip that all of us want to hear is that holidays are an important part of staying healthy at work. Too much work = burn out as stress impairs the immune system!
  1. Your keyboard, mouse, and phone can end up with thousands of germs that could potentially make you sick.Don’t be far from anti-bacterial hand gel.
  2. Work out with your work buddies and set yourself achievable goals! Get fit together.



9.Listen to music in the morning! Music releases endorphins and gets the blood pumping, ready for a new day! Listening to your favourite music is good for the soul

10. Most importantly, communication is key. If something is troubling you, get it out in the open, you’ll feel better getting it off your chest and you’ll likely find a solution. It’s a win win situation.


Revolutionising Our Business Model

It’s been a big year for us here at The Interactive Team HQ for more reasons than one. Sure, as a simple start up in 2012, we genuinely had no idea that we’d come so far and it’s no secret as to why. There were 3 men sat in a dark, dingy, rented space in the city of Glasgow with 2 credit cards and an unbelievable drive and vision to create a company like no other. That was it. No investors, no fancy office, no blue chip client – nothing – yet here we are, a team of nearly 200 people across the nation, working with a company encompassing 6 UK offices, representing a plethora of multi-national clients. So how did we do it?

Well sure, a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears came into play (so to speak) but one of the main reasons we’ve been able to grow so fast and so successfully is because we always put our clients first. Now we know what you’re thinking, every business says that but we can assure you that not every business does. We go the extra mile, and by extra mile, we probably mean extra hundred miles to ensure that our clients needs always come before our own. We continuously retrain our team members, we develop new and exciting marketing campaigns, we recruit for new roles, just to make sure that our clients needs are more than met. This is also how we’re able to exceed expectations and generate monumental results.

So now, as you probably know, the majority of our campaigns have focused solely on customer acquisition and lead generation. The majority of our clients in the past wanted to grow their existing consumer base exponentially and naturally, we were on hand to lead that motion. However, now things are changing in terms of what our clients actually want from us, so guess what? So are we.

We are revolutionising our business to meet the changing needs of our clients. We’re keeping current in line with the times to deliver the very best results and in order to do so, now in 2016, our business model needs a little freshening up. With this in mind, we’re not just focusing on delivering data to our clients, we’re actually generating the customers for them with our new sales model.

Of course, the quality, quantitative data we delivered in the past was great for our clients as we ensured that each potential customer passed on was well informed, well briefed and well suited to specification. However, our new sales model means that we still do all the appropriate checks but we’ll also close the sale, meaning that rather than delivering quality data to our clients, we are now delivering quality customers as a positive alternative.

This means a few things. Firstly, it takes a huge weight off our clients’ shoulders. They no longer have to worry about converting customers as we’ve taken that off their hands, but secondly, it means that we’re able to fine tune our sales model to a point where the quality of the customers generated for each customer will positively correlate in relation to the quantity. In laments terms, everybody wins.

Revolutionising our business model makes for exciting times for everyone involved with the company, and it’s certainly not plain sailing to start with, but we’re making the necessary progress to ensure that our number one prioirty is met: our clients’ needs coming first.

tony robbins upw

Tony Robbins touches down in London Town!.. And yes, we were there!

tony robbins upw

Many people have commented that trying to define Tony Robbins is like trying to define a feeling. We could talk all day about how great he is, but until you’ve actually shared a room with him it’s difficult to fully comprehend what a powerful individual he is. On April 27th, Tony landed on this British Island, but this time we were there to witness it. Yes, our CEO Gilles whisked off our company Managers and Directors for an unforgettable four day experience that would well and truly leave it’s mark.

Tony touches individuals, business owners, celebrities and anyone and everyone to achieve whatever it is they’re looking for. So who better to take along than the hungry, ambitious individuals of The Interactive Team. Here’s how we got on:

Day 1: We walked on fire, yes you read that right, WE WALKED ON FIRE! (ok, hot coals).tony robbins walk fire This day was really about working out why we were there, establishing what we wanted to change and what kind of outcome we were hoping for. Tony spoke at length about discovering our six human needs. He asked us out of the six needs which two have we been valuing the most? What the consequences are of valuing these needs so highly? And what do the top two needs NEED to be to transform your life. We also spoke a lot about our greatest fears, but overall it was incredible how someone simply posing a question to you, could open your mind and open your eyes to everything going on around you.

Day 2: The second day was all about focusing on what we are truly passionate about and how to bridge the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. We heard a lot from the rather infectious Joseph McClendon whose energy filled the room in abundance when he rightly claimed “When life gets tough just SHAKE THAT ASS!”

Day 3: This was by far the best day! If you think walking on fire sounds like fun just wait until you experience all that day 3 has to offer. Today was all about focusing on the areas in our lives which need development and how to eradicate those negative thoughts that severely limit our growth. We were also taught about the three pillars of success, which is all about mastering just about anything you set your mind to. All in all this was a rather emotional day: we laughed, we cried and we discovered a new found appreciation of life and all that it has to offer. At the end even Tony shed a tear when completely lost for words by the crowds reaction. If there was one day that was going to change your life this was it.

tony robbins 4

Day 4: On the final day we focused on ‘The Power of Pure Energy’. We learned how to feed our bodies, not only via foods but through oxygen, water, oils, alkalising foods, exercise, alignment in your body and how to maintain a focused and directed mind. Everything we were taught on this day was so simple, it was just about being aware of what we have put in our bodies. Sometimes we wonder why we have all these colds and flu like viruses, but when we take a step back and actually look at what we ingest, its a real eye-opener. Sometimes we’re guilty of not really looking after ourselves and on this day it suddenly seemed to dawn on everyone that we all deserve better.

Tony Robbins 1

Sometimes when you read reviews on these types of workshops it all sounds a little too good to be true. But when you actually take yourself out of your comfort zone and stand in a room full of like minded people and listen to this incredible man on stage, well it all hits home. Tony’s tag- line ‘Unleash the power within’ it sounds a bit cheesy doesn’t it? But thats exactly what it did. Every single one of us left that arena feeling more empowered than ever before. The challenge now, is to maintain that new found belief that Tony Robbins has instilled in us.

The Interactive Team verdict? Add UPW to your bucket list, you won’t regret it.

 conrad 3


The Interactive Team Go Paintballing, Because, Well, It’s Fun!

At The Interactive Team, we’ve a whole bunch of different job roles – from sales, to marketing, to lead generation, to recruitment, to campaign management – the list is seemingly endless. Each position is unique and completely different to the next but there’s one thing that makes us all very much the same – we work hard. We’re not trying to brag but each person involved with The Interactive Team very much believes (and knows) that hard work pays off, and just how important a good work ethic is to progressing your career in industry.

With this in mind though, it’s vital not to burn out! When you love your jobs like we do, it’s easy enough to get caught up in projects you’re passionate about and in turn, allow yourself very little down time. This is a pretty dangerous practice in the business world. Of course, when you’re working, you’ve absolutely got to give it your all but you’ve certainly got to allow yourself a good break every now and again – a chance to let off steam and switch off.

As a business, our company culture means the world to us. We’ll always promote hard work and persistence, but alongside this, we’ll continue to endorse ‘switching off’ to recharge your batteries! So, what did we think was a great way to have fun, get together, recharge batteries and of course, include a smidge of healthy competition?

Yup. Paintballing.

The board of Directors, along with top performing team members from across the nation, got together for a weekend of fun, laughter and some pretty competitive gaming! Everyone got kitted up and enjoyed a great R&R retreat with an edge. Don’t believe us? Check us out….

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conrad banner

Congratulations to Manchester’s New Campaign Manager – Conrad Swift!

2015 was a year of success for our team for sure! As a meritocratic business, positions of seniority within the company are only allocated to those who have worked their way up from the very bottom, proving that they know our business models and campaigns inside and out. In the last week before Christmas, we were thrilled to announce that Conrad Swift – from our Manchester branch – was to be promoted to the position of Campaign Manager.

We couldn’t be prouder of everything Conrad has achieved – both personally and professionally – in such a short space of time, and we decided to catch up with him to get down to the nitty-gritty of his journey to Campaign Management. Here’s what he had to say…

So, Conrad, how does it feel to be a Campaign Manager?

Getting promoted is pretty indescribable. There’s many words I can think of such as; amazing, incredible, awesome. But the truth is, putting it into words wouldn’t do the feeling any justice. You imagine it happening, but nothing comes close to the great sense of pride and achievement you actually feel for, not only yourself, but your teammates as well.

What did you feel your biggest challenge was working your way up the career ladder?

 My biggest challenge coming through the field was keeping things simple. I very often overthought everything. I used to think that it couldn’t be as easy as following a couple of simple systems and working hard. Once I started simplifying things and working the systems, that’s when I really began to progress.

Do you have any advice for those starting out with The Interactive Team this year?

Best advice for someone new… Listen, learn and most importantly, APPLY! I was guilty of often thinking that if I listened to advice and wrote it down, I would naturally just start doing it. You have to make a conscious effort to put what you learn into practice. Learn from the best and apply it with a stronger work ethic and more positive attitude and you’ll soon see the results

So what was it that actually initially attracted you to the role here with The Interactive Team?

I’ve done a few things since leaving school so I understand that in any business, you have to work hard, regardless of the industry. What attracted me to my role at the interactive team was that I can progress based on merit. So the harder I worked the faster I could progress

What was it you were doing before you joined the business?

Before I started at Manchester active, I was a diagnostic technician for BMW. I did an apprenticeship which was great as I was learning a lot. Once I had completed my apprenticeship, I continued working hard but hit a glass ceiling and couldn’t continue progressing. I’m too ambitious to waste time allowing someone else dictate my progress.

Now what are your next set of goals?

My goals moving forward… Directorship is my next goal. I’m not slowing down. Mid-term goal is to open up my own office by the summer. Long-term goal is to have my organisation global and travel around to my offices and consulting as a Vice President.

Any thoughts on the future for The Interactive Team as a whole?

The future of the interactive team is very bright! We are only currently at 3% of where we need to be at the moment. I visualise the organisation working in every different sector and operating all over the world! The potential of what we can achieve is limitless. It’s beyond exciting!!

Congratulations Conrad – hard work pays off!

ross banner promotion

Say Hello To The Interactive Team’s New Campaign Manager – Ross Macleod!

The Interactive Team are thrilled to announce that our newest Campaign Manager for our Manchester branch is none other than Ross Macleod!

Ross Macleod PromotionWe are completely astounded at all the changes (for the better might we add!) that The Interactive Team has seen this year. We’ve brought new clients on board, we’ve opened offices in new cities and some of our top consultants have seen themselves promoted to positions of Management within the company, and even though we’re nearing the end of 2015, we’ve certainly not slowed down.

Friday 4th November saw Manchester’s top consultant – Ross Macleod – joining the national Management team as the newest Campaign Manager within our Manchester branch. In his new role, Ross will be exclusively responsible for new client campaigns and driving a large sales and lead generation force to deliver great results, and it’s safe to say he’s pretty excited to do so!

Ross joined The Interactive Team in July 2014. Coming from a background in landscape gardening and manual labour, we could instantly see that Ross definitely wasn’t someone who was afraid of hard work – something which he prides himself on. He joined the business as a Trainee Sales Consultant wanting to steer his career in a completely new direction. Ross had big goals and more importantly, big potential, and he knew that by continuing working in his current job, he simply wasn’t going to get where he wanted to go.

Since day one, Ross has proved that there really is nothing he can’t do. Come rain, hail or shine, Ross’ determination and dedication to the success of his career meant that he’s always worked hard and smart to ensure that he was ross 2constantly learning, developing, improving and above all, progressing.

The Interactive Team – as we’re sure you’re pretty well aware by this point – is a meritocratic business. This means that everyone involved can work their way up the career ladder based on merit, not seniority, time or ‘who you know’. Ross took the bull by the horns and knew that if he continued to give that extra 10% to everything he did, it would pay off and wouldn’t you know it – it has!

Ross has definitely experienced great highs and massive lows over the last 16 months – it’s definitely not been plain sailing – but his attitude, endeavour and determination kept him going. Ross is a fun, hard-working guy and a great addition to The Interactive Team’s management board. We’re thrilled to have seen just how far he’s come personally and professionally over the last year and a half, but we’re certain he’s not going to stop there.

Congratulations Ross – welcome to the Management Team!

gilles banner

Happy Birthday To Our CEO – Gilles Baudet!

Everyone at The Interactive Team got together this week to celebrate the 35th birthday of our brilliant CEO, Gilles Baudet.

If you hadn’t guessed by now, The Interactive Team are big on, well, our team! We love any excuse to celebrate, eat cake, drink champers and more importantly, get together to make videos! So, in regular fashion, with the approach of the birthday of our Chief Executive Officer – Gilles Baudet – we decided to give him a video with a twist! I mean, of course, we all think of him as the best boss in the business but we thought it might be a fun idea to go a “little overboard” this time…

No holding back on that one eh? At the age of 35, Gilles has achieved so much but as he continues to tell us over and over (and over) again, he’s not even started yet. In 2012, after experiencing years in different sectors of the sales and marketing industry, Gilles grabbed his credit card and 2 amazing salesmen he’d met along the way (that’s right – Huw and Karl) and launched The Interactive Team. Now, just over 3 years on, what was once just 3 people in a tiny office, is now over 200 people across 5 major UK cities. For Gilles, each birthday is a significant reminder of a) how far he has come and b) how far he has to go, and he continues to tell us that he definitely doesn’t want to do it alone!

Gilles has always loved and admired his team around him, and we’re all pretty thrilled to have formed a business built up purely of average people with the above average desire to succeed. We all have unique opportunities within the company, and we couldn’t be more grateful for that and guess what? It’s all thanks to the birthday boy for making it happen!

Happy birthday Gilles – we all hope you had a wonderful 35th birthday!


Well Done Billy Ritchie! Meet The Interactive Team’s Newest Campaign Manager

2015 has been a massive year for The Interactive Team and we’re thrilled to announce that Billy Ritchie from our Newcastle branch is now our newest Campaign Manager in the North East!

Billy joined the Newcastle team just over a year ago – by team – I mean Managing Director, Karl Clough. When we first opened our doors for business in the city of Newcastle, we were – of course – looking to recruit average individuals with the above average desire to succeed, and along came Billy. He was one of the very first consultants to join the Newcastle team and since then, he has proved himself to be an integral asset to the business.

Before joining The Interactive Team in 2015, Billy was much more hands-on with his job roles and did everything from construction to painting and decorating. Billy noticed in himself that he always wanted a bit more out of life, and that his drive and determination to do well was becoming pretty wasted in his current industry. He did, however, prove that he could put his hand to anything and work hard to achieve great results – something he continues to do now!

In his new role as a Campaign Manager, Billy will first and foremost be responsible for the running of lead generation campaigns within the Newcastle branch and ultimately, driving a large sales force to generate outstanding results for a number of blue-chip clients. Not only this, but Billy will now take part in joining our in-house Business Course where he will be spending a great deal of time with the Board of Directors to learn all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a successful, profitable business.

The Interactive Team’s CEO, Gilles Baudet, commented on Billy’s promotion, saying: I don’t want to take anything away from Billy’s achievement, but it wasn’t really a surprise to us when he received this promotion. Billy is a hard-working, determined and driven young man with an absolutely unbreakable attitude. His perseverance has proven to everyone around him that with the right work ethic and the right attitude, you can move mountains in this business. That’s why I love our industry, and above all, our company – because it’s a meritocracy. Our team are promoted on merit alone, so if you work hard, have fun and never lose sight of your goals, you can achieve anything and Billy has proved exactly that. As a team, we are extremely proud to have Billy on the management team but more than anything, we’re excited to see just how far he’ll go within the company and we’re behind him every step of the way”

 Massive congratulations Billy, and it’s clear to see that your career with The Interactive Team has only just begun!

charity blog banner

The Interactive Team Supporting Children In Need 2015

This year, The Interactive Team got stuck into raising money for the wonderful Children In Need charity

bakeAt The Interactive Team, we love nothing more than giving back. As we’re certain you’re well aware by now, we’re a business built up of average people with the above average desire to succeed. Of course, it’s not always plain sailing but our hard-work, determination and endeavour means that we certainly reap the rewards of our efforts. However, we always like to find the time to raise money for charity and really, just do our bit.

This November saw Children In Need come back for another year to raise money for children all over the world. Without sounding too cliche, we know that the children are the future and we, as a company and as individuals, always try to do everything we can to help less fortunate children. With this in mind, we put our interactive heads together to think of a way to raise some funds that we could donate to the cause, and yes – we know – it wasn’t the most original idea but it was definitely one of the most popular – a bake sale.

As with anything, we certainly don’t do things by halves, so we didn’t just nip down to a supermarket and fill up a trolley full of baked goods. Oh no. We all baked delicious goodies to sell to our team. As you can see, we ended up with a pretty good selection of treats and in just one of our smaller offices, we raised £70 just from flogging a few french fancies! Needless to say, we all had great fun putting on the spread and raising money for a fantastic cause and we’re certain that next year, we’ll come up with bigger and better ideas!

I managed to grab our CEO – Gilles Baudet – to ask him what he thought about us getting behind the cause, and he said: “A lot of people think that these ideas are just a good excuse to say, make a few cakes, but I really push for us to get involved in as much charity work as possible. Whether it be raising money, or generating awareness, what people have got to remember that no matter how successful you are as an individual or a business, you must never forget to give back. It could always have been you or someone you know in that situation, and if you make any amount of difference to that child’s (or that person’s) situation, not only is it a great feeling to be able to do so, but something so little can really go a long way. In the run up to Christmas, I hope we can get involved in many more charity projects too!”

Congratulations to all at The Interactive Team who got involved in raising money for Children In Need – all of your donations and efforts were greatly received and appreciated!