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How do entrepreneurs, like The Interactive Team, operate against the norm?

If you hadn’t already guessed, The Interactive Team is a nationwide group of hungry, motivated entrepreneurs, dedicated to building their businesses and ultimately, their careers. I guess if you take a glance at entrepreneurs in general, they seem relatively normal – the same as everyone else. However, this isn’t the case. If you take a deeper look into the life, work and personalities of individual entrepreneurs, you will soon discover that they are extremely different. I’m not just referring to famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Richard Branson, even relatively small-business owners operate in a manner that is completely divergent to the mainstream majorities, just like our CEO Gilles Baudet. Naturally, there are a multitude of traits that set entrepreneurs apart from “normal people” but I chose to specifically research how entrepreneurs start and run their companies, and here’s what I found…

Entrepreneurs spend their time chasing realistic goals

Don’t get me wrong, entrepreneurs don’t just think big, they think massively and their long-term goals are astronomical, which ultimately serve as a driving force and a purpose to work hard. In the meantime however, most entrepreneurs spend their time chasing realistic goals. I can guarantee that almost every entrepreneur across the globe dreams of finding their perfect consumer, or the best location to operate from, or the most outstanding talent within the industry – but let’s face it, those things are pretty arduous to pull off.

Entrepreneurs are extremely resilient and will always achieve their goals so on the way, they will focus on prospecting where they have a reasonable chance to succeed. Setting small, realistic goals, like expanding operations to a new location or promoting a team member to a senior position, will produce small wins making a great recipe for success.

Entrepreneurs have exceedingly open minds

As with any start-up, money can be tight to get going but entrepreneurs don’t tend to choose an inexpensive location to set up. Why? Well think about it. As a new business within an established industry, fresh services simply won’t stand out or ‘cut the mustard’ in the middle of nowhere. Initially, investing a great deal of capital in the perfect location may seem unnecessary, but entrepreneurs with open minds build their businesses for longevity, so they can see the bigger picture realising that short-term financial pain will most certainly lead to long-term monetary gain.

This is obviously just one example of the open-mindedness of entrepreneurs. Their minds are always available when it comes to new ideas, fresh perspectives and even when recognising competitors: a successful entrepreneur is always open to suggestion.

Entrepreneurs don’t believe in ‘fairness’

Entrepreneurs hold themselves 100% accountable, all of the time. They believe that no one is responsible for the success of a business, the wealth of an individual or the outcome of an idea – but you. In today’s world, it’s an often occurrence to hear the phrase “it’s not fair” knocking about the workplace, but this isn’t the case. A successful entrepreneur knows that you EARN the right to a profitable business, a great career and ultimately, success. Entrepreneurs stand out from the norm because they hold themselves fully responsible for their own actions. If an entrepreneur builds a successful business, they think “great, now what can I do to make it even better?” If a business finds itself failing, an entrepreneur will think “what can I do to improve it?”

Remember, there’s a reason we hear so much about successful entrepreneurs and it’s because they operate so far from the norm that generally, they do pretty well. A successful entrepreneur has a completely different mind-set: they take risks, set goals, self-motivate, they love what they do and predominantly, what they love generates massive revenue.