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Professional Development 101: Mashaal’s New Career Path

At The Interactive Team, we pride ourselves on our company culture of giving average people, with the above average desire to succeed, opportunities to build strong, long-lasting, high yielding careers with a fun and friendly working environment. When people join The Interactive Team, it’s not just your standard 9-5 role. We’re all here to build the business and more importantly, enhance our own professional careers.

Mashaal Malik joined The Interactive Team HQ in Glasgow just a few months ago as an administrator. With so many clients and team members, we needed a little more help on the admin side of things and we were thrilled that Mashaal accepted the offer of a position in a our head office to do exactly that.

Mashaal went to university and has had various job roles over the years, but she knew that her strongest skills were organisation, work ethic, and numbers. At The Interactive Team, it’s clear we all have our strengths and our weaknesses. As the Marketing Manager, my talent lies in the creative side of the industry – words and pictures are my forte – so there’s no way I could excel at the role Mashaal took, and it’s safe to say she is flourishing!

From day one, Mashaal got stuck right into her role in the Admin Department and proved that she was the best person for the job. With this in mind, we wanted to offer her more as we knew she had so much to give. As our company continues to expand, so do internal operations, meaning there would be a much wider scope of tasks to be completed and we knew that Mashaal would be fully capable of developing professionally to undertake extra responsibilities and ultimately, form a stable career as part of The Interactive Team.

Mashaal is now training to be a book-keeper and it’s safe to say she is loving it. It’s a sector of the industry she’d had limited experience in in the past, so she was more than keen to take on training to learn and build upon her own knowledge so that she could make a bigger contribution to the successful running of our business.

This is why we’re so excited everyday. The people at The Interactive Team HQ are ambitious and hungry to develop both personally and professionally whilst contributing to the ongoing success of our company. We are more than willing to provide our people with the tools, the finance and the training they need so that they can see a real future in their career, and all we ask for in return is the hard work and effort needed to create something special.

Well done Mashaal – we’re all proud of what you have brought to the business so far and we’re excited to see you build your career with The Interactive Team. Good luck!