Revolutionising Our Business Model

It’s been a big year for us here at The Interactive Team HQ for more reasons than one. Sure, as a simple start up in 2012, we genuinely had no idea that we’d come so far and it’s no secret as to why. There were 3 men sat in a dark, dingy, rented space in the city of Glasgow with 2 credit cards and an unbelievable drive and vision to create a company like no other. That was it. No investors, no fancy office, no blue chip client – nothing – yet here we are, a team of nearly 200 people across the nation, working with a company encompassing 6 UK offices, representing a plethora of multi-national clients. So how did we do it?

Well sure, a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears came into play (so to speak) but one of the main reasons we’ve been able to grow so fast and so successfully is because we always put our clients first. Now we know what you’re thinking, every business says that but we can assure you that not every business does. We go the extra mile, and by extra mile, we probably mean extra hundred miles to ensure that our clients needs always come before our own. We continuously retrain our team members, we develop new and exciting marketing campaigns, we recruit for new roles, just to make sure that our clients needs are more than met. This is also how we’re able to exceed expectations and generate monumental results.

So now, as you probably know, the majority of our campaigns have focused solely on customer acquisition and lead generation. The majority of our clients in the past wanted to grow their existing consumer base exponentially and naturally, we were on hand to lead that motion. However, now things are changing in terms of what our clients actually want from us, so guess what? So are we.

We are revolutionising our business to meet the changing needs of our clients. We’re keeping current in line with the times to deliver the very best results and in order to do so, now in 2016, our business model needs a little freshening up. With this in mind, we’re not just focusing on delivering data to our clients, we’re actually generating the customers for them with our new sales model.

Of course, the quality, quantitative data we delivered in the past was great for our clients as we ensured that each potential customer passed on was well informed, well briefed and well suited to specification. However, our new sales model means that we still do all the appropriate checks but we’ll also close the sale, meaning that rather than delivering quality data to our clients, we are now delivering quality customers as a positive alternative.

This means a few things. Firstly, it takes a huge weight off our clients’ shoulders. They no longer have to worry about converting customers as we’ve taken that off their hands, but secondly, it means that we’re able to fine tune our sales model to a point where the quality of the customers generated for each customer will positively correlate in relation to the quantity. In laments terms, everybody wins.

Revolutionising our business model makes for exciting times for everyone involved with the company, and it’s certainly not plain sailing to start with, but we’re making the necessary progress to ensure that our number one prioirty is met: our clients’ needs coming first.