Brand Awareness

At The Interactive Team, our brand awareness representatives go through an extensive Professional Development Programme, meaning they are trained to represent your company’s interests to the public to the highest standard. Every single one of our representatives is professionally dressed and possesses excellent interpersonal skills so that every interaction with the public presents your brand in the best possible light. They build brand awareness through a personalised touch, relating the customer’s needs to your brand’s capabilities.


Customer Acquisition

The Interactive Team are experts at customer acquisition. We have developed uniquely persuasive techniques to help your business acquire new customers. By relating to each customers needs we can show them how your products and company can improve their lives – it’s a softer, more consultative approach that delivers your company with happier, more informed customers.


Live Lead Generation

Here at The Interactive Team we have developed an exclusive business opportunity. We specialize in Live Lead Generation, presenting your business with preimpulsed, preinformed, fully opted-in and ready to buy customers. We deliver not just quantitive date, but qualitive because we take the time to target campaigns at a personal level, meaning our leads convert at a higher rate than our competitors.

To find out how Live Lead Generation can benefit your business contact us here.


Bespoke Campaigns

Each campaign we create is specifically tailored to our clients needs, so no two campaigns are the same. Our bespoke service means we can target the customers that matter to you, in the areas you want the most, at the best price available.

Not only do we have offices in five cities across the UK, each office is fully equipped with a dedicated live events team, ready to travel to the locations you want.