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The Interactive Team Supporting Project Present Govanhill 2015

The Interactive Team has become a success for one key reason, because we put other people first. The needs of our clients, our customers, our events and our team always come before our own and guess what – it doesn’t stop there! When it comes to this time of year, sure we’ve a lot going on in the offices – what with our Annual Awards Ceremony amongst other things – but we never forget about giving back to our communities.

The Interactive Team’s buzzing head office is right in the heart of Glasgow city centre so we wanted to look into ways that we could do our bit this Christmas time. When it comes to our corporate social responsibility, we’re all about the children. Without sounding too cliche, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that the children are, in fact, the future, and all of us here strongly believe that we should do everything we can to help those young ones who are much less fortunate than ourselves.

We got to thinking – it’s coming up to Christmas – and what are we most excited for? Sure, there’s spending time with family, drinking and being merry, a bit of time off work, but it’s no surprise that the majority spoke up and said presents. We began to wonder just how many children weren’t going to wake up to a gift on Christmas morning – a childhood memory fond in all of our minds!

After our chat, we discovered Project Present Govanhill. This fantastic campaign has been designed to bring present to some of the most vulnerable children in the area of Govanhill – a deprived district in the Glasgow area. We couldn’t think of a better cause! We all got together at The Interactive Team HQ to buy gifts for young children aged 5-9 and we must admit, the Marketing department seemed to have a lot of fun wrapping them to!

It was an honour and a pleasure for The Interactive Team’s CEO – Gilles Baudet – to deliver our bundles of gifts to the Project Present HQ and he said that: “I love things like this. It’s too easy for people to think too much about what they have at Christmas and forget about what others don’t. It’s been a great opportunity for The Interactive Team to give back this year knowing that some vulnerable children will be able to open presents on Christmas morning. There’s so much more I want to do to give back to our Glasgow community so no doubt, next year we’ll find new ways. We definitely want to get involved in food banks amongst other things. We just hope our small contribution has made a big difference to children in the Govanhill area”

If you’d like to find out more about Project Present Govanhill, click here, it’s a great cause!

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The Interactive Team Supporting Children In Need 2015

This year, The Interactive Team got stuck into raising money for the wonderful Children In Need charity

bakeAt The Interactive Team, we love nothing more than giving back. As we’re certain you’re well aware by now, we’re a business built up of average people with the above average desire to succeed. Of course, it’s not always plain sailing but our hard-work, determination and endeavour means that we certainly reap the rewards of our efforts. However, we always like to find the time to raise money for charity and really, just do our bit.

This November saw Children In Need come back for another year to raise money for children all over the world. Without sounding too cliche, we know that the children are the future and we, as a company and as individuals, always try to do everything we can to help less fortunate children. With this in mind, we put our interactive heads together to think of a way to raise some funds that we could donate to the cause, and yes – we know – it wasn’t the most original idea but it was definitely one of the most popular – a bake sale.

As with anything, we certainly don’t do things by halves, so we didn’t just nip down to a supermarket and fill up a trolley full of baked goods. Oh no. We all baked delicious goodies to sell to our team. As you can see, we ended up with a pretty good selection of treats and in just one of our smaller offices, we raised £70 just from flogging a few french fancies! Needless to say, we all had great fun putting on the spread and raising money for a fantastic cause and we’re certain that next year, we’ll come up with bigger and better ideas!

I managed to grab our CEO – Gilles Baudet – to ask him what he thought about us getting behind the cause, and he said: “A lot of people think that these ideas are just a good excuse to say, make a few cakes, but I really push for us to get involved in as much charity work as possible. Whether it be raising money, or generating awareness, what people have got to remember that no matter how successful you are as an individual or a business, you must never forget to give back. It could always have been you or someone you know in that situation, and if you make any amount of difference to that child’s (or that person’s) situation, not only is it a great feeling to be able to do so, but something so little can really go a long way. In the run up to Christmas, I hope we can get involved in many more charity projects too!”

Congratulations to all at The Interactive Team who got involved in raising money for Children In Need – all of your donations and efforts were greatly received and appreciated!