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Ohh the good life….

“A healthy body is a healthy mind”

So, at the Interactive Team, we’re all about the healthy living feels. We work hard and to work hard, you must fuel your body with the best you can, and that doesn’t mean beers! (Although we do love a rewarding drink from time to time.)

Our philosophy is that we want to maintain good health because we want to feel the best we can to do the best job we can. Gilles our director is Mr Healthy to say the least! We’ve got Nutri Bullet for smoothies and juices, the fridge is packed with fruits and veggies and he’s never far away from a plate of fresh fruit. He hits the gym and can be seen after work kicking around in his gym gear, ready to pump some iron.

There is nothing that zaps your confidence more in a client facing role, maybe you’re too tired or too many takeaways is taking its toll on your suit trousers! Now, if you know us, we love pizza and we like pizza on a Tuesday in the office, just to give the team a chance to eat, chat and bond a bit. At the same time though, we love the good life, the healthy life.

We can also say we’re no strangers to a massage, we sometimes get treated to a back rub from a professional who comes in especially to loosen us up for a big event!

We’ve compiled a list on how to be healthy at work! Check it out..

  1. Be a healthy snacker! Get your 5 a day by buying fruit at the start of the week and grazing throughout. We promise you it’ll do you better than a cake or crisps. Often we think we are hungry, and reach for the fatty snacks, when in actual fact, it’s water we need!


2.Keep hydrated! Get your daily dose of H2o and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day! We’re lucky we have a nice water cooler to make it even easier! Bottoms up!

3.Eat a healthy lunch. If you eat foods with a low GI. (glycaemic index) Low GI foods keep you healthy because they slowly release energy to keep you going all day (glycaemic index) Then you’re going to be less likely to hit that horrible afternoon slump when your blood sugar level spikes then drops.

4.Keep yourself supple with a massage! Tension neck syndrome (TNS) can occur when the neck and upper shoulders are held in a fixed, awkward position for long periods of time, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.


5.Protect your peepers! Eyestrain is another problem that can be encountered in front of a computer. Go for regular eye tests to keep your eyes sparkling.

  1. Give yourself a break! A healthy tip that all of us want to hear is that holidays are an important part of staying healthy at work. Too much work = burn out as stress impairs the immune system!
  1. Your keyboard, mouse, and phone can end up with thousands of germs that could potentially make you sick.Don’t be far from anti-bacterial hand gel.
  2. Work out with your work buddies and set yourself achievable goals! Get fit together.



9.Listen to music in the morning! Music releases endorphins and gets the blood pumping, ready for a new day! Listening to your favourite music is good for the soul

10. Most importantly, communication is key. If something is troubling you, get it out in the open, you’ll feel better getting it off your chest and you’ll likely find a solution. It’s a win win situation.

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Congratulations to Manchester’s New Campaign Manager – Conrad Swift!

2015 was a year of success for our team for sure! As a meritocratic business, positions of seniority within the company are only allocated to those who have worked their way up from the very bottom, proving that they know our business models and campaigns inside and out. In the last week before Christmas, we were thrilled to announce that Conrad Swift – from our Manchester branch – was to be promoted to the position of Campaign Manager.

We couldn’t be prouder of everything Conrad has achieved – both personally and professionally – in such a short space of time, and we decided to catch up with him to get down to the nitty-gritty of his journey to Campaign Management. Here’s what he had to say…

So, Conrad, how does it feel to be a Campaign Manager?

Getting promoted is pretty indescribable. There’s many words I can think of such as; amazing, incredible, awesome. But the truth is, putting it into words wouldn’t do the feeling any justice. You imagine it happening, but nothing comes close to the great sense of pride and achievement you actually feel for, not only yourself, but your teammates as well.

What did you feel your biggest challenge was working your way up the career ladder?

 My biggest challenge coming through the field was keeping things simple. I very often overthought everything. I used to think that it couldn’t be as easy as following a couple of simple systems and working hard. Once I started simplifying things and working the systems, that’s when I really began to progress.

Do you have any advice for those starting out with The Interactive Team this year?

Best advice for someone new… Listen, learn and most importantly, APPLY! I was guilty of often thinking that if I listened to advice and wrote it down, I would naturally just start doing it. You have to make a conscious effort to put what you learn into practice. Learn from the best and apply it with a stronger work ethic and more positive attitude and you’ll soon see the results

So what was it that actually initially attracted you to the role here with The Interactive Team?

I’ve done a few things since leaving school so I understand that in any business, you have to work hard, regardless of the industry. What attracted me to my role at the interactive team was that I can progress based on merit. So the harder I worked the faster I could progress

What was it you were doing before you joined the business?

Before I started at Manchester active, I was a diagnostic technician for BMW. I did an apprenticeship which was great as I was learning a lot. Once I had completed my apprenticeship, I continued working hard but hit a glass ceiling and couldn’t continue progressing. I’m too ambitious to waste time allowing someone else dictate my progress.

Now what are your next set of goals?

My goals moving forward… Directorship is my next goal. I’m not slowing down. Mid-term goal is to open up my own office by the summer. Long-term goal is to have my organisation global and travel around to my offices and consulting as a Vice President.

Any thoughts on the future for The Interactive Team as a whole?

The future of the interactive team is very bright! We are only currently at 3% of where we need to be at the moment. I visualise the organisation working in every different sector and operating all over the world! The potential of what we can achieve is limitless. It’s beyond exciting!!

Congratulations Conrad – hard work pays off!

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Say Hello To The Interactive Team’s New Campaign Manager – Ross Macleod!

The Interactive Team are thrilled to announce that our newest Campaign Manager for our Manchester branch is none other than Ross Macleod!

Ross Macleod PromotionWe are completely astounded at all the changes (for the better might we add!) that The Interactive Team has seen this year. We’ve brought new clients on board, we’ve opened offices in new cities and some of our top consultants have seen themselves promoted to positions of Management within the company, and even though we’re nearing the end of 2015, we’ve certainly not slowed down.

Friday 4th November saw Manchester’s top consultant – Ross Macleod – joining the national Management team as the newest Campaign Manager within our Manchester branch. In his new role, Ross will be exclusively responsible for new client campaigns and driving a large sales and lead generation force to deliver great results, and it’s safe to say he’s pretty excited to do so!

Ross joined The Interactive Team in July 2014. Coming from a background in landscape gardening and manual labour, we could instantly see that Ross definitely wasn’t someone who was afraid of hard work – something which he prides himself on. He joined the business as a Trainee Sales Consultant wanting to steer his career in a completely new direction. Ross had big goals and more importantly, big potential, and he knew that by continuing working in his current job, he simply wasn’t going to get where he wanted to go.

Since day one, Ross has proved that there really is nothing he can’t do. Come rain, hail or shine, Ross’ determination and dedication to the success of his career meant that he’s always worked hard and smart to ensure that he was ross 2constantly learning, developing, improving and above all, progressing.

The Interactive Team – as we’re sure you’re pretty well aware by this point – is a meritocratic business. This means that everyone involved can work their way up the career ladder based on merit, not seniority, time or ‘who you know’. Ross took the bull by the horns and knew that if he continued to give that extra 10% to everything he did, it would pay off and wouldn’t you know it – it has!

Ross has definitely experienced great highs and massive lows over the last 16 months – it’s definitely not been plain sailing – but his attitude, endeavour and determination kept him going. Ross is a fun, hard-working guy and a great addition to The Interactive Team’s management board. We’re thrilled to have seen just how far he’s come personally and professionally over the last year and a half, but we’re certain he’s not going to stop there.

Congratulations Ross – welcome to the Management Team!


4 Massive Myths of Entrepreneurship

The Interactive Team Review…


4 Massive Myths of Entrepreneurship

At The Interactive Team, we’re a company like no other and here’s why. Our team is built predominantly of entrepreneurs. Hungry, driven, motivated entrepreneurs dedicated to driving their businesses forward and to becoming unbelievably successful as a product of hard-work, persistence, professional development, and well, never giving up!

Let’s quickly take a look at some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Steve Jobs – founder of Apple Inc, Richard Branson – founder of Virgin, Mark Zuckerberg – founder of Facebook. What do they all have in common? They were born that way. JOKE! Of course they weren’t! Sure, they all carry very similar personality traits such as commitment and resilience, but entrepreneurship definitely isn’t something found in the genes. Believe it or not – this is actually contrary to both popular belief and conventional wisdom. You would not believe the amount of false thinking that surrounds entrepreneurship. I guess it’s easy to make assumptions because we only really see entrepreneurs at the ‘success stage’ and not during the actual process of building a business.

Let me clear up some common conjecture for you. Here are 4 massive myths of entrepreneurship…

“Entrepreneurs are very intelligent”

It would be foolish to assume that a Masters degree or some form of higher education would guarantee entrepreneurial success. Trust me – it won’t. Factors such as ambition, tenacity and dedication play a much bigger part then any sort of academia when it comes to entrepreneurship. Don’t get me wrong, there will be many entrepreneurs out there with qualifications and whatnot, in fact, I think it would be safe

“Entrepreneurs love taking risks”

Seriously – who in their right mind would love taking risks? If you look up the definition for ‘risks’, it says a situation involving exposure to danger. So seriously, who? No one, is the answer, and certainly not entrepreneurs. Risks, however, form a huge integral part of building a profitable business so naturally, they become necessity to an entrepreneur hungry for success. Of course, some entrepreneurs may thrive off taking the odd gamble but this doesn’t account for them all. The difference with entrepreneurs is that they take intelligent, well-thought-out, manageable risks because they can see the bigger picture.

“Entrepreneurs start companies on their own”

Sure, when we glance at famously successful entrepreneurs, they seem to ride solo but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that their business empires were built upon a strong foundation of diverse individuals all driven towards one goal. Contrary to conventional wisdom, entrepreneurs are not amazing at everything! We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and so do entrepreneurs which means that it’s pretty impossible to create a highly profitable business on your own.

“Entrepreneurs are born that way”

No. Not true, completely misguided and possibly the biggest entrepreneurial myth around. In fact, believe it or not, most people probably have the ability to become an entrepreneur if they are taught, learn and develop a specific set of skills. I can comfortably assure you though, that entrepreneurship definitely isn’t inherent. If you quick-search famous entrepreneurs, you’ll actually find that a lot of them come from poor backgrounds or disadvantaged families, so quite the opposite to success!

My biggest tip if you are looking to succeed as an entrepreneur is not to take widespread theories at face-value. If you’re looking for entrepreneurial inspiration or motivation, don’t base this on speculation. If you are genuinely driven to succeed, you will dismiss any myths you’ve heard and focus all your energy on achieving your goals. 

Remember – you may not have been born an entrepreneur, but you may have been born to make a difference.


Humble Pie; because we’ve all got to eat a slice to see success!

So, you’ve made it this far ay? Well done. Feel proud. It’s easy enough to look back at some small successes and start to feel pretty full of yourself and that’s fine. However, I’m sure you know as well as I do that life has a unique way to knock us back down off our pedestals in a catastrophic fashion.

The Great South Run I took part in was held in Portsmouth in 2013. My decision to partake in a charitable sporting event such as this was arrived at only after a tussle with my conscience. Should I leave it out as I simply don’t have the time or should I get stuck in because it’s for charity? My heart strings pulled tighter as I opted for the latter. I was never the fittest girl in the bunch but I knew full well that I was certainly the most determined and tenacious. So with this in mind, training began. Every day after work, I would take myself for a good run down by the canals, timing myself in order to monitor my progress. The smile on my face (and the sweat on my brow) continued to grow as I noted myself making progress each day. I knew full well at this point that, out of my friends, I was definitely the one putting all the work in and I wouldn’t feel the least bit smug at the finish line when I came first out of us all.

I continued to train on a daily basis and even treated myself to some top of the range running gear (you know, just so that I’d look the part as I claimed my victory). The day finally came and the 6 of us were dolled up to the nines in lycra and sweatbands. I had put so much effort into preparing for the event and I felt comfortably assured that I would surpass my friends’ expectations, as well as the finish line. The gun went off, and we were off. I had done my research. I saw hundreds of people darting off and I found myself thinking “fools, slow and steady wins the race!” As I hit the half way mark, I started to feel myself struggling. How? How was I struggling? I had done so much training and put so much effort into being the best, and people continued to overtake me. I pushed on and on and finally, the finishing line was visible. I sped up and blitzed towards the banner, sailing through and breathing a massive sigh of relief and accomplishment. However, much to my dismay, there they were. My 5 friends. Sat down. Waiting. Waiting for me.

It’s a truth no one likes to admit: no matter how successful, how hard-working or accomplished you are (as an individual or as a business owner), there is ALWAYS someone who is better than you. No matter whether they’re smarter, wittier, prettier, fitter, more advanced, more wealthy, more experienced… there is always someone. Yes – I know – it’s certainly not the best feeling in the world to come to terms with, but once you do, definitely don’t let it get you down rather use it as a driving force.

After the run, I was initially horrified that I hadn’t come first out of us all, albeit slightly disappointed in myself, then I got to thinking. We had all done this in aid of a fantastic cause whilst keeping fit and healthy in the meantime, which I hadn’t done previously but much to my surprise, I enjoyed greatly. After careful consideration, I decided to take up running as a hobby and even found the humility to ask one of my friends to run with me to spur me on.

The most successful people in the world are ridiculously humble about most things, but in particular, their skills, talents and attributes. The difference is that successful people will gladly recognise that there are other people out there who are better than them, and they use it as an opportunity to learn, develop, progress and improve. I really don’t think people realise just how important a trait humility is. Undoubtedly, there will come a day where you think “I’ve made it” and it’s par for the course that at this point, you take your foot off the gas which inevitably leads to fading talents and regression.

If you genuinely have a burning desire to become successful, you will certainly find yourself grabbin’ a big chunk of humble pie every day so that the person you are tomorrow will be a phenomenal improvement on the person you are today.



The Interactive Team Meet 15.08.15

The Interactive Team Meet

For those of you who don’t know, The Interactive Team Meet is our company’s quarterly national conference and it’s an amazing opportunity for everyone invlved with The Interactive Team to get together to discuss the future of the company, the revolution of our industry and the direction of our people’s careers.

it1  Over the last 3 years, our team has grown from just 3 people and 2 credit cards to a nationwide group of over 150 dedicated, motivated and passionate entrepreneurs, creating something special in the form of a highly profitable business dedicated to putting our clients, our customers, our events and our team first.

Of course, everyone involved is based in different city centre locations across the country. We now have offices in Glasgow, Manchester, Dundee, London and Newcastle, and a team of over 150 professionals across the UK. Not bad for just 3 years eh?

However, just because we’ve expanded certainly doesn’t mean we want our ethos and goals to be diluted. As a company, we wanted to ensure that we remained to be a close knit unit of talented individuals who work closely together to take campaigns, clients and careers to the next level. With this in mind, every quarter, we have held an event we like to call “The Interactive Team Meet”. This event is a great chance for everyone involved with The Interactive Team to get together and network, put faces to names and enjoy seminars delivered by different Directors.

Our third quarter team meeting was held once again at the stunning Midland Hotel in the heart of the city of Manchester.

Team members atit5tended from major cities across the UK, including Glasgow, London, Newcastle and Dundee. We came together to celebrate what has already been a successful start to the year for the company, but in
reality, we really haven’t started yet. The meeting was opened with an inspirational speech from our CEO, Gilles Baudet, who talked about the future of The Interactive Team, and I’ve got to admit, I was hooked on finding out more about our goals and more importantly, how we’re going to achieve them!

Following the CEO’s introduction, the team split up into groups and enjoyed seminars led by our Campaign Directors. Just a few of the topics included ‘Sales Genius’ delivered by Glasgow’s Joel Richardson, and an insightful look into purposeful thinking from Manchester’s Director, Huw Devonald. Not only was it a fantastic experience to be motivated, educated and inspired by the Board of Directors, The Interactive Team Meet is also a unique opportunity for everyone to get to know one another.

As we have a national bulletin that gets distributed to each office on a weekly basis, it’s always clear to see who the top performers are within each city, so at The Interactive Team Meet, it’s great to grab those high flyers for a bit of networking and to swap contact details for more Q&As! Recognition was received by the following consultants for their recent efforts and top performance in each city:

Ross Macleod (Manchester), William Ritchie (Newcastle), Michael McCourt (Glasgow), Nathan Queen (London), Steven Funai (Dundee)

The Interactive Team Meet was a fantastic event, not only because we were all able to come together to form the future of our company, but it was also evident to see how far people were progressing in such a short space of time. Everyone at The Interactive Team is incredibly proud of everyone involved – we are all working towards one common goal, and we’re certain we’ll surpass it!