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Happy Birthday To Our CEO – Gilles Baudet!

Everyone at The Interactive Team got together this week to celebrate the 35th birthday of our brilliant CEO, Gilles Baudet.

If you hadn’t guessed by now, The Interactive Team are big on, well, our team! We love any excuse to celebrate, eat cake, drink champers and more importantly, get together to make videos! So, in regular fashion, with the approach of the birthday of our Chief Executive Officer – Gilles Baudet – we decided to give him a video with a twist! I mean, of course, we all think of him as the best boss in the business but we thought it might be a fun idea to go a “little overboard” this time…

No holding back on that one eh? At the age of 35, Gilles has achieved so much but as he continues to tell us over and over (and over) again, he’s not even started yet. In 2012, after experiencing years in different sectors of the sales and marketing industry, Gilles grabbed his credit card and 2 amazing salesmen he’d met along the way (that’s right – Huw and Karl) and launched The Interactive Team. Now, just over 3 years on, what was once just 3 people in a tiny office, is now over 200 people across 5 major UK cities. For Gilles, each birthday is a significant reminder of a) how far he has come and b) how far he has to go, and he continues to tell us that he definitely doesn’t want to do it alone!

Gilles has always loved and admired his team around him, and we’re all pretty thrilled to have formed a business built up purely of average people with the above average desire to succeed. We all have unique opportunities within the company, and we couldn’t be more grateful for that and guess what? It’s all thanks to the birthday boy for making it happen!

Happy birthday Gilles – we all hope you had a wonderful 35th birthday!


Well Done Billy Ritchie! Meet The Interactive Team’s Newest Campaign Manager

2015 has been a massive year for The Interactive Team and we’re thrilled to announce that Billy Ritchie from our Newcastle branch is now our newest Campaign Manager in the North East!

Billy joined the Newcastle team just over a year ago – by team – I mean Managing Director, Karl Clough. When we first opened our doors for business in the city of Newcastle, we were – of course – looking to recruit average individuals with the above average desire to succeed, and along came Billy. He was one of the very first consultants to join the Newcastle team and since then, he has proved himself to be an integral asset to the business.

Before joining The Interactive Team in 2015, Billy was much more hands-on with his job roles and did everything from construction to painting and decorating. Billy noticed in himself that he always wanted a bit more out of life, and that his drive and determination to do well was becoming pretty wasted in his current industry. He did, however, prove that he could put his hand to anything and work hard to achieve great results – something he continues to do now!

In his new role as a Campaign Manager, Billy will first and foremost be responsible for the running of lead generation campaigns within the Newcastle branch and ultimately, driving a large sales force to generate outstanding results for a number of blue-chip clients. Not only this, but Billy will now take part in joining our in-house Business Course where he will be spending a great deal of time with the Board of Directors to learn all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a successful, profitable business.

The Interactive Team’s CEO, Gilles Baudet, commented on Billy’s promotion, saying: I don’t want to take anything away from Billy’s achievement, but it wasn’t really a surprise to us when he received this promotion. Billy is a hard-working, determined and driven young man with an absolutely unbreakable attitude. His perseverance has proven to everyone around him that with the right work ethic and the right attitude, you can move mountains in this business. That’s why I love our industry, and above all, our company – because it’s a meritocracy. Our team are promoted on merit alone, so if you work hard, have fun and never lose sight of your goals, you can achieve anything and Billy has proved exactly that. As a team, we are extremely proud to have Billy on the management team but more than anything, we’re excited to see just how far he’ll go within the company and we’re behind him every step of the way”

 Massive congratulations Billy, and it’s clear to see that your career with The Interactive Team has only just begun!


“Company Culture? I’ve Got It In The Bag!” says Stacey Smith, our Head of HR/Recruitment

At The Interactive Team, we pride ourselves on being able to offer that little bit more to our team members who show promise and potential in their field. Stacey Smith – our Head of HR/Recruitment – joined our business at the very start and initially, with a small team in the Glasgow office, Stacey was involved with pretty small scale admin and recruitment based tasks.

Now, 3 years on, Stacey has progressed her career to the point at which she is now Head of the HR/Recruitment, with a team behind her whom she has hired and trained across the nation. The Interactive Team is a meritocratic business, meaning no one gets promoted on length of time they’ve been at the company, or wealth of experience, individuals are simply promoted on their own merit, which is exactly what’s happened to Stacey.

As we reach the end of 2015 and a profitable year for The Interactive Team, Stacey is taking our working lives to the next level by developing our company culture. She noticed a gap in the business when it came to introducing more initiatives as a means of rewarding and recognising the efforts of all employees. Since taking on her additional role in HR, Stacey has taken on the responsibility of enhancing our company culture.

When asked about this change, Stacey said: “Company culture? I’ve got this in the bag!” She knows exactly what we do, why we do it and what our team need and deserve. Since taking culture under her wing, we’ve seen more and more initiatives introduced, and the Marketing team have taken great pride in promoting life at The Interactive Team online!

The Interactive Team employees now get involved; in a staff night out every 6 weeks, rewards for certain roles have come in to play – for instance ‘recruiter of the month’, branded gifts to welcome new team members, and even ‘Fat Fridays’ are now enjoyed by all – a sweet end to the week we think!

Stacey continues to find new and exciting ways to improve our employee engagement and ensure that everyone is involved with new and existing initiatives. After all, at The Interactive Team, one of our biggest mottos is to ‘work hard and have fun’, and when it comes to our company culture, it seems Stacey has really hit the nail on the head!

When asked about her role within The Interactive Team, Stacey says; “this is only the beginning. I have a lot of responsibilities within the team, but I’ll always want to develop each one and continue to work my way up the career ladder. I want to be able to offer everyone an opportunity, and not just career wise. An opportunity to enjoy working life and be part of a ever-expanding team!” 

Well done on all your hard work so far Stacey, and we’re behind you all the way!

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Professional Development 101: Mashaal’s New Career Path

At The Interactive Team, we pride ourselves on our company culture of giving average people, with the above average desire to succeed, opportunities to build strong, long-lasting, high yielding careers with a fun and friendly working environment. When people join The Interactive Team, it’s not just your standard 9-5 role. We’re all here to build the business and more importantly, enhance our own professional careers.

Mashaal Malik joined The Interactive Team HQ in Glasgow just a few months ago as an administrator. With so many clients and team members, we needed a little more help on the admin side of things and we were thrilled that Mashaal accepted the offer of a position in a our head office to do exactly that.

Mashaal went to university and has had various job roles over the years, but she knew that her strongest skills were organisation, work ethic, and numbers. At The Interactive Team, it’s clear we all have our strengths and our weaknesses. As the Marketing Manager, my talent lies in the creative side of the industry – words and pictures are my forte – so there’s no way I could excel at the role Mashaal took, and it’s safe to say she is flourishing!

From day one, Mashaal got stuck right into her role in the Admin Department and proved that she was the best person for the job. With this in mind, we wanted to offer her more as we knew she had so much to give. As our company continues to expand, so do internal operations, meaning there would be a much wider scope of tasks to be completed and we knew that Mashaal would be fully capable of developing professionally to undertake extra responsibilities and ultimately, form a stable career as part of The Interactive Team.

Mashaal is now training to be a book-keeper and it’s safe to say she is loving it. It’s a sector of the industry she’d had limited experience in in the past, so she was more than keen to take on training to learn and build upon her own knowledge so that she could make a bigger contribution to the successful running of our business.

This is why we’re so excited everyday. The people at The Interactive Team HQ are ambitious and hungry to develop both personally and professionally whilst contributing to the ongoing success of our company. We are more than willing to provide our people with the tools, the finance and the training they need so that they can see a real future in their career, and all we ask for in return is the hard work and effort needed to create something special.

Well done Mashaal – we’re all proud of what you have brought to the business so far and we’re excited to see you build your career with The Interactive Team. Good luck!

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CEO Gilles Baudet “Why We’re Creating Something Special”

CEO Gilles Baudet “Why We’re Creating Something Special”

It’s no secret as to why The Interactive Team stands out from the crowd. It’s because our Chief Executive Officer, Gilles Baudet, believes that our business is changing peoples’ lives and the proof is there.

The Interactive Team all began with our CEO, Gilles Baudet, and his vision to revolutionise the outsource marketing industry and ultimately, create something special that everyone involved could be proud of. In just 3 short year, we have seen massive changes within our company – the business model, the locations, the size, the culture and more significantly, in the team. I am a strong advocate of our ideology and I am proud to be play an integral role in creating something special but I couldn’t help but wonder as to why we were doing this. I asked our CEO Gilles Baudet and here’s what he had to say…

“As the business has grown over 3 years, it’s clear to see we are changing people’s lives, and the proof is there, you can see it right in front of you! This is why I’m so excited every day. This business gives average people, with the above average desire to succeed, the unique opportunity to build strong, stable, long-lasting, high-yielding, exciting careers and ultimately, lives. I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen since day one, it’s just incredible.

Take Huw and Karl for example. When we started the business in March 2012, they were sharing a room in hostel, but never lost sight of their goals. They continued to put all their efforts into working hard, learning, developing and more importantly, never giving up.

Now, 3 years on, Huw is running a successful business in Manchester, and not to mention he’s living in a luxury apartment in the prestigious Hilton hotel, and Karl is managing his highly profitable business in the city of Newcastle, and living the high life in a penthouse overlooking the River Tyne. How things change! In just 3 short years, their lives have changed and not just financially. They have acquired valuable experience and developed their business acumen to a massively high level, and they now have choices they never had before.

This business is so fast-paced, and if the business is moving quickly, so are people’s careers and lives. Look at Jonathan and Joel. Both began working with our Glasgow office and now, they are running successful businesses in the UK’s capital city of London. Things are changing, people are changing, lives are changing, and it’s all because of the business. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy ride for anyone when it comes to success, but it’s definitely worth it!”


A message from our CEO, Gilles Baudet

It’s crazy to think we’re in August of 2015 and already, we’ve achieved so much in such a short space of time. Over the last year or so, I have had the unique opportunity of working closely alongside The Interactive Team’s Managing Director and CEO, Gilles Baudet. Lately, we have been discussing the exciting changes to our business, whereby we are now operating on a pure sales model. Here’s what the man at top – Gilles Baudet – had to say about these new and exciting amendments to The Interactive Team’s front end business model…

“One of the biggest things I’ve learnt so far, or what’s really stood out to me, is that in order to be successful, or to run a successful business, you have got to be the best in your field. We are engineering our business model to fall at the forefront of the lead generation and data industry. We are not a normal company (which I’m sure you’ve figured out by now) because our business model allows our people to grow from the ground level up. We are revolutionising the way we do things because it brings us back to the Four Partners, and what people have got to understand is that we’re in the business of doing things right, and doing things for our long-term careers!

Our goal is to become the number one lead generation company in the entire United Kingdom, and we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it because we’re willing to do what others companies won’t so that we can create opportunities like other companies can’t. If we are able to achieve this, we will have built the foundations for a strong, long-lasting, successful business, with strong, long-lasting, successful careers within.

This is why I’m so excited every day, because our new sales-focused lead generation model will definitely split the average from the average with the above average desire to succeed, not to mention separating those in it for the long term with those looking for the short term.

We’re building a business for longevity, and we work to create opportunities for long-lasting careers, and our pure sales model will take us there as long as we continue to show off a relentless work ethic and powerful attitudes towards revolutionising our industry and work together towards our one common goal.”