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Happy Birthday To Our CEO – Gilles Baudet!

Everyone at The Interactive Team got together this week to celebrate the 35th birthday of our brilliant CEO, Gilles Baudet.

If you hadn’t guessed by now, The Interactive Team are big on, well, our team! We love any excuse to celebrate, eat cake, drink champers and more importantly, get together to make videos! So, in regular fashion, with the approach of the birthday of our Chief Executive Officer – Gilles Baudet – we decided to give him a video with a twist! I mean, of course, we all think of him as the best boss in the business but we thought it might be a fun idea to go a “little overboard” this time…

No holding back on that one eh? At the age of 35, Gilles has achieved so much but as he continues to tell us over and over (and over) again, he’s not even started yet. In 2012, after experiencing years in different sectors of the sales and marketing industry, Gilles grabbed his credit card and 2 amazing salesmen he’d met along the way (that’s right – Huw and Karl) and launched The Interactive Team. Now, just over 3 years on, what was once just 3 people in a tiny office, is now over 200 people across 5 major UK cities. For Gilles, each birthday is a significant reminder of a) how far he has come and b) how far he has to go, and he continues to tell us that he definitely doesn’t want to do it alone!

Gilles has always loved and admired his team around him, and we’re all pretty thrilled to have formed a business built up purely of average people with the above average desire to succeed. We all have unique opportunities within the company, and we couldn’t be more grateful for that and guess what? It’s all thanks to the birthday boy for making it happen!

Happy birthday Gilles – we all hope you had a wonderful 35th birthday!

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Michael McCourt Promoted to Campaign Manager

The Interactive Team are thrilled to announce that 2015 has seen the official promotion of Michael McCourt to the position of Campaign Manager.

We cannot believe that 2015 is nearing to an end already, and what a year it’s been! After just over 3 years in business, we’ve seen nothing but success and we couldn’t be more proud of what our team have achieved in such a short space of time, and it just keeps getting better.

At The Interactive Team, we pride ourselves on giving average people – with the above average desire to succeed – opportunities to build strong, long-lasting, high yielding careers and we are thrilled to announce that 2015 has seen the official promotion of Michael McCourt to the position of Campaign Manager.

Michael joined our Glasgow branch in May of 2014 with an incredible drive to succeed as a young entrepreneur. As a team, it has been inspiring to see how Michael has developed both personally and professionally over the last 18 months.

When Michael first came to us, he was shy and quite introvert and needless to say, we did wonder how long he’d last in fast-paced, target-driven, entrepreneurial environment but we were shocked, surprised and pleased to see Michael grow and flourish as an integral part of The Interactive Team.

In just under 18 months, we saw Michael go from strength to strength. He quickly came out of his shell to build and drive a successful sales force at our Glasgow office, while continuing to educate, motivate and inspire the people around him.

M1The Interactive Team’s CEO, Gilles Baudet, commented on Michael’s promotion, saying: “I am so proud of what Michael has achieved. He is the first person to be promoted on our new business sales model: He didn’t wait around for others to take action, he took massive action himself and that’s why I’m so excited every day. People’s lives are changing right in front of our eyes and it’s refreshing to see so many people working together towards one common goal. Michael’s new and exciting chapter is only the beginning of his career in the industry and we’re all inspired by how far he has come. The best part is that he still has a long way to go but we’ll be sure to give him the tools, the finance and the training he needs to succeed!”

Massive congratulations Michael. You have proved that with hard work, determination and an incredible attitude that anything can be achieved! Michael will now be the official Campaign Manager at our Glasgow office. He will be solely responsible for the profitability of the branch, and driving the sales force to generate outstanding results for our clients. Good luck Michael, we’re all behind you!