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Meet our newest Campaign Managers


2015 was a successful year for The Interactive Team. As a meritocratic business, positions of seniority within the company are only allocated to those who have worked their way up from the very bottom, we take great pride in watching our team members grow and within the last week before Christmas, we were proud to announce Conrad Swift- from our Manchester branch – was promoted to the position of Campaign Manager. So, in true Interactive Team style we caught up with him to ask about his big promotion:

Conrad, How does it feel to be a campaign manager?

Getting promoted is pretty indescribable. There’s many words I can think of such as: amazing, incredible, awesome. But the truth is, putting it into words wouldn’t do the feeling any justice. You imagine it happening, but nothing comes close to the great sense of pride and achievement you actually feel for, not only yourself, but your teammates as well.

What did you feel was your biggest challenge in working your way up theconrad 2 career ladder? 

My biggest challenge coming through the field was keeping things simple. Very often I overthought everything. I used to think that it couldn’t be as easy as following a couple of simple systems and working hard. Once I started simplifying things and working the systems, thats when I really began to progress.

Do you have any advice for those starting out with The Interactive Team this year? 

Best advice for someone new… listen, learn and most importantly APPLY! I was guilty of often thinking that if i listened to advice and wrote it down, I would naturally just start doing it. You have to make a conscious effort to put what you learn into practice. Learn from the best and apply it with a stronger work ethic and more positive attitude and you’ll soon see the results.

So what was it that initially attracted you to the role here with The Interactive Team? 

I’ve done a few things since leaving school so I understand that in any business, you have to work hard, regardless of the industry. What attracted me to my role at the interactive team was that I can progress based on merit. So the harder I worked the faster I could progress.

What was it you were doing before you joined the business? 

Before I started at Manchester active, I was a diagnostic technician for BMW. I did an apprenticeship which was great as I was learning a lot. Once I had completed my apprenticeship, I continued working hard but hit a glass ceiling and couldn’t continue progressing. I’m too ambitious to waste time allowing someone else to dictate my progress.

What are your next set of goals?

conrad 3My goals moving forward… Directorship is my next goal. I’m not slowing down. Mid-term goal is to open up my own office by the summer. Long- term goal is to have my organisation go global and to travel around to my offices consulting as a Vice president.

Any thoughts on the future for The Interactive Team as a whole? 

The interactive team is very bright! We are currently only at 3% of where we need to be at the moment. i visualise the organisation working in every different sector and operating all over the world! The potential of what we can achieve is limitless. Its beyond exciting!

Conrad is not the only one who has been promoted to campaign manager enter- Ross Macleod. In his Celebrating Ross' Promotionnew role, Ross will be exclusively responsible for new client campaigns and driving a large sales and lead generation force to deliver great results, and its safe to say he’s pretty excited to do so! Ross joined The Interactive Team in July 2014 having come from a background in landscape gardening and manual labour, we could instantly see Ross wasn’t afraid of a little hard work. He joined the business as a trainee sales Consultant wanting to steer his career in a completely new direction. Ross had big goals and more importantly, big potential, and he knew that by continuing to work in his current job, he simply wasn’t going to get where he wanted to go.

Since Day one, Ross has proved that there really is nothing he can’t do. Come rain, hail or shine, Ross’ determination and dedication to the success of his career meant that he’s always worked hard and smart to ensure that he was constantly learning, developing, improving and above all, progressing. The Interactive Team- as we’re sure you’re aware by this point- is a meritocratic business. This means that everyone involved can work their way up the career ladder based on merit, not seniority, time or ‘who they know’. Ross took the bull by the horns and knew that if he continued to give that extra 10% to everything he did, it would pay off and wouldn’t you know- it has!

Ross has definitely experienced great highs and massive lows over the last 16 months- its definitely not been plaining sailing- but his attitude, endeavour and determination kept him going. Ross is a fun, hard- working guy and a great addition to the Interactive Team’s management board. We’re thrilled to have seen just how far he’s come personally and professionally over the last year and a half,  we’re certain he’s not going to stop there.

Ross would also like to add his thanks to Huw, Gilles, his awesome team and everyone right through the business who have supported him to this point. “This business is an incredible thing to be a part of and i’ve never been happier, can’t thank you all enough”.

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