Go karting

The Interactive Team Go Go-Karting!

Go karting 2

It’s that time again. When all our offices from Glasgow, Dundee, Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham come together to meet for yet another team activity with the companies top performers. On Sunday the 28th of August, the interactive team made their way to Manchester to bring out their competitive side at Daytona Go- Karting, Manchester. And, if you have any idea what the top performers are like in this company, then you can only imagine how high the competitive tension was. Here, at the Interactive team, we strongly believe in team building exercises; to motivate, connect and bond our team. And, this is exactly why our CEO Gilles organises weekend trips frequently throughout the year.

Go karting

So, early on the Sunday morning, all the high fliers from across our UK offices set off to meet at our Manchester office. These day trips and ‘Future Weekends’ (Weekend trips with our top performers) are important because we get to be involved educational clinics, motivational talks with the directors of the company and discuss future endeavours- all to help us progress further with our careers. Our Directors are fully available and accessible to everyone in the company, which is why these weekends provide a great opportunity to network and learn from the best.

Additionally, we recently had a few promotions throughout the company, therefore it was also a time to celebrate achievements within the company. In the Interactive Team we understand the importance of giving recognition for all the hard work and effort by our employees day in and day out. And, as a special thanks to everyone in the company we had a little surprise, a selection of high end cars awaiting them outside from Lamborghini’s to Lotus! Being driven or driving to the Go- Karts in one of these luxury sport cars was most definitely the highlight of the day. Rumour has it that one of our Directors managed to keep the car for the night! arriving to work in style the next day.

Lambo                                     lambo 2

After our team meeting in the Manchester office everyone was feeling energised and ready for the Go- Karting, the atmosphere was fantastic with a few taunts here and there from the different teams, but thats all part of the sport. In first place was team…. second place was Team McLaren- Honda with Jamie Carroll, Gilles Baudet, Ruadh Houston and Rebecca Howell. Finally in third place was…. Notice all the team names represent some sort of fast car company, I think there may have been a little bit of a theme to the day.

But there were also a few disappointed and sore losers at the end of the race…


Very kind of Ruadh to rub her prize in poor John’s face. All joking aside, something that really makes this company stand out is the support and unity. The environment created where everyone wants to be involved and help one another. No one hides away, everyone gets fully involved and makes the most of the experience and time together. And I suppose that is a rare quality to find in a company nowadays.

After a pretty intense and tiring day everyone started to make their way back to their home cities, however it wouldn’t be an Interactive team meet without a few stories from Gilles and Huw’s time on the field and their personal progression stories. If that’s not some #mondaymotivation for the start of the week, then I don’t know what is. This weekend has left us feeling enthusiastic and optimistic about what the future holds for the company… Until next time!