The Interactive Team Go Paintballing, Because, Well, It’s Fun!

At The Interactive Team, we’ve a whole bunch of different job roles – from sales, to marketing, to lead generation, to recruitment, to campaign management – the list is seemingly endless. Each position is unique and completely different to the next but there’s one thing that makes us all very much the same – we work hard. We’re not trying to brag but each person involved with The Interactive Team very much believes (and knows) that hard work pays off, and just how important a good work ethic is to progressing your career in industry.

With this in mind though, it’s vital not to burn out! When you love your jobs like we do, it’s easy enough to get caught up in projects you’re passionate about and in turn, allow yourself very little down time. This is a pretty dangerous practice in the business world. Of course, when you’re working, you’ve absolutely got to give it your all but you’ve certainly got to allow yourself a good break every now and again – a chance to let off steam and switch off.

As a business, our company culture means the world to us. We’ll always promote hard work and persistence, but alongside this, we’ll continue to endorse ‘switching off’ to recharge your batteries! So, what did we think was a great way to have fun, get together, recharge batteries and of course, include a smidge of healthy competition?

Yup. Paintballing.

The board of Directors, along with top performing team members from across the nation, got together for a weekend of fun, laughter and some pretty competitive gaming! Everyone got kitted up and enjoyed a great R&R retreat with an edge. Don’t believe us? Check us out….

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