tony robbins upw

Tony Robbins touches down in London Town!.. And yes, we were there!

tony robbins upw

Many people have commented that trying to define Tony Robbins is like trying to define a feeling. We could talk all day about how great he is, but until you’ve actually shared a room with him it’s difficult to fully comprehend what a powerful individual he is. On April 27th, Tony landed on this British Island, but this time we were there to witness it. Yes, our CEO Gilles whisked off our company Managers and Directors for an unforgettable four day experience that would well and truly leave it’s mark.

Tony touches individuals, business owners, celebrities and anyone and everyone to achieve whatever it is they’re looking for. So who better to take along than the hungry, ambitious individuals of The Interactive Team. Here’s how we got on:

Day 1: We walked on fire, yes you read that right, WE WALKED ON FIRE! (ok, hot coals).tony robbins walk fire This day was really about working out why we were there, establishing what we wanted to change and what kind of outcome we were hoping for. Tony spoke at length about discovering our six human needs. He asked us out of the six needs which two have we been valuing the most? What the consequences are of valuing these needs so highly? And what do the top two needs NEED to be to transform your life. We also spoke a lot about our greatest fears, but overall it was incredible how someone simply posing a question to you, could open your mind and open your eyes to everything going on around you.

Day 2: The second day was all about focusing on what we are truly passionate about and how to bridge the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. We heard a lot from the rather infectious Joseph McClendon whose energy filled the room in abundance when he rightly claimed “When life gets tough just SHAKE THAT ASS!”

Day 3: This was by far the best day! If you think walking on fire sounds like fun just wait until you experience all that day 3 has to offer. Today was all about focusing on the areas in our lives which need development and how to eradicate those negative thoughts that severely limit our growth. We were also taught about the three pillars of success, which is all about mastering just about anything you set your mind to. All in all this was a rather emotional day: we laughed, we cried and we discovered a new found appreciation of life and all that it has to offer. At the end even Tony shed a tear when completely lost for words by the crowds reaction. If there was one day that was going to change your life this was it.

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Day 4: On the final day we focused on ‘The Power of Pure Energy’. We learned how to feed our bodies, not only via foods but through oxygen, water, oils, alkalising foods, exercise, alignment in your body and how to maintain a focused and directed mind. Everything we were taught on this day was so simple, it was just about being aware of what we have put in our bodies. Sometimes we wonder why we have all these colds and flu like viruses, but when we take a step back and actually look at what we ingest, its a real eye-opener. Sometimes we’re guilty of not really looking after ourselves and on this day it suddenly seemed to dawn on everyone that we all deserve better.

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Sometimes when you read reviews on these types of workshops it all sounds a little too good to be true. But when you actually take yourself out of your comfort zone and stand in a room full of like minded people and listen to this incredible man on stage, well it all hits home. Tony’s tag- line ‘Unleash the power within’ it sounds a bit cheesy doesn’t it? But thats exactly what it did. Every single one of us left that arena feeling more empowered than ever before. The challenge now, is to maintain that new found belief that Tony Robbins has instilled in us.

The Interactive Team verdict? Add UPW to your bucket list, you won’t regret it.

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