Well Done Billy Ritchie! Meet The Interactive Team’s Newest Campaign Manager

2015 has been a massive year for The Interactive Team and we’re thrilled to announce that Billy Ritchie from our Newcastle branch is now our newest Campaign Manager in the North East!

Billy joined the Newcastle team just over a year ago – by team – I mean Managing Director, Karl Clough. When we first opened our doors for business in the city of Newcastle, we were – of course – looking to recruit average individuals with the above average desire to succeed, and along came Billy. He was one of the very first consultants to join the Newcastle team and since then, he has proved himself to be an integral asset to the business.

Before joining The Interactive Team in 2015, Billy was much more hands-on with his job roles and did everything from construction to painting and decorating. Billy noticed in himself that he always wanted a bit more out of life, and that his drive and determination to do well was becoming pretty wasted in his current industry. He did, however, prove that he could put his hand to anything and work hard to achieve great results – something he continues to do now!

In his new role as a Campaign Manager, Billy will first and foremost be responsible for the running of lead generation campaigns within the Newcastle branch and ultimately, driving a large sales force to generate outstanding results for a number of blue-chip clients. Not only this, but Billy will now take part in joining our in-house Business Course where he will be spending a great deal of time with the Board of Directors to learn all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a successful, profitable business.

The Interactive Team’s CEO, Gilles Baudet, commented on Billy’s promotion, saying: I don’t want to take anything away from Billy’s achievement, but it wasn’t really a surprise to us when he received this promotion. Billy is a hard-working, determined and driven young man with an absolutely unbreakable attitude. His perseverance has proven to everyone around him that with the right work ethic and the right attitude, you can move mountains in this business. That’s why I love our industry, and above all, our company – because it’s a meritocracy. Our team are promoted on merit alone, so if you work hard, have fun and never lose sight of your goals, you can achieve anything and Billy has proved exactly that. As a team, we are extremely proud to have Billy on the management team but more than anything, we’re excited to see just how far he’ll go within the company and we’re behind him every step of the way”

 Massive congratulations Billy, and it’s clear to see that your career with The Interactive Team has only just begun!