Economically Dependent

We’re Not Dependent On The Economy… Here’s Why…

The Interactive Team was born in the recession in March 2012 and now, the team has a total turnover in excess of £8 million per annum, which began just 4 years ago with Gilles (our CEO) and his credit card. That’s some progress, wouldn’t you agree? Of course you would! I guess a lot of people, though, can’t help but wonder how this has been achieved given the up-and-down state of the British economy over the last decade.

We grabbed half an hour with the CEO, Gilles Baudet, who told us exactly why and put it this way, it all makes perfect sense: 

“Before the recession, I’ve saw great times in the business world – so much success, companies thriving, people doing well, but when the economic recession hit, I saw it all come crashing down too and what broke my heart more than anything was seeing people’s lives change completely overnight: people who shouldn’t have been affected were affected, and people – good, hard-working people – were not only losing jobs but losing their businesses through no fault of their own, and to me as an entrepreneur, this is (or would be) an incredibly scary situation to be in.

As a business owner, one thing that makes me feel very fortunate is the fact that my business in not economically dependent. My industry is not affected by the state of the economy and this gives me, and my company, and my team, a considerable advantage.

The Interactive Team, as a whole, works with small, medium and large companies as experts in customer acquisition. What we’ve learned is that no matter whether the economy is in a positive or negative state, our clients will always need a high volume of customers delivered in the most cost effective form possible.

We specifically designed our business model so that we only get paid by our clients if we deliver customers to them. This means that our unique form of customer acquisition is completely risk free as there are no upfront costs, no advertising costs, no hidden costs – no risks. When the economy is booming, it’s clear that our clients would utilise all forms of marketing in order to generate a significant return, however, if the economy is in decline or recession, clients would solely use our service because our marketing model is so risk-free that we are constantly in high demand.

As you can imagine, this gives me continued confidence to keep on growing my business and my team, as well as the ability to stay focused on achieving my goals. When I started my business back in 2012, I dreamed of having thousands of people within the team but as the company grew, I soon realised that I didn’t just have a team of people, I have a team of “lives” – of homes, of children, of families – and until the penny drops, you don’t realise just how responsible you are for so many things – it becomes very real.

One big factor that drives me forward is knowing that this business is not going to be economically dependent as others are, and more so, it depends on my attitude which luckily (and thankfully), I have full control of”